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ROBOHANDLE® is a Gold Medal winning invention of 2011 at INPEX convention.

ROBOHANDLE® is a radical breakthrough in how we use our everyday tools. There are hundreds of products on the market that still utilize a straight, flat handle based on 19th century technology! All of these products have been designed without understanding the excessive strain the use of these products places on the wrist and forearm.

This straight protrusion is ergonomically awkward to use with one hand and this design flaw has resulted in many wrist, arm, and back injuries. Yet we had no other options available UNTIL NOW!

As you can see on the photo, the magic is in the design of the ROBOHANDLE®.


The uniqueness of this design allows your wrist to be isolated from the torque that is required to move the long objects from side to side.

Instead of relying on your wrist and forearm to maneuver, the ROBOHANDLE® uses your strong bicep and tricep muscles to maneuver objects as the location of the arm supporting ring creates 500% to 600% increase in torque.

Furthermore, with the unique design of the ROBOHANDLE®,  you can hang them just about anywhere you desire. Typical conventional products comes with a small pin hole on top, but our ROBOHANDLE®  large handle allows you to hang it almost anywhere with ease.


 All rights Reserved.  Patent D690,183   Utility Patent 8,776,648   Other patents pending 


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If your ROBOHANDLE® gets damaged in anyway during normal usage, we will replace it for free. Just mail us the photo of damaged unit, proof of purchase, and $10.00 shipping and handling to:

TNT Plastics, Inc.
1425 Wright BLVD,
Schaumburg, IL. 60193
Attn: Top Builders Inc.
Damaged Robohandle